Why You Need a CRM

As a successful business owner, you wear a lot of hats and have to manage many aspects of your business.  Sometimes it feels like A LOT!  Sometimes you just need some help keeping everything straight.  That’s where a CRM comes into play.  A CRM is really an essential tool for a savvy business in today’s digital world.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You NEED A CRM Today:

  1. Why You Need a CRM | Energize CRMOrganization.  Do find yourself making endless lists of to-do’s or reminders?  Or, maybe you email yourself ideas constantly?  Do you have piles of business cards scattered throughout your office?  A CRM is the solution to consolidate all of your tasks, contacts, and notes in one central place.  You’ll sleep better at night, knowing that your business is organized!
  2. Central Spot For Communication.  A CRM allows you and your team to combine all of your communication on one particular client or project in one spot.  Texts, emails, phone call transcripts, notes, and more can all be synced and stored together under one umbrella.
  3. Improve Memory.  You no longer have to memorize all of the details about every prospect, client, or business contact.  Store notes on each person and project within your CRM to pull up prior to meetings and refresh yourself on the client.
  4. Manage Sales Teams.  CRM’s allow you to easily see where customers are in the sales process, as well as allow sales team members to communicate seamlessly on customers.  The amount of communication can drop significantly because the team can easily see what’s going on.
  5. Nurture Client Relationships.  Remember milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries of your clients easily with the help of a CRM.  Send automatic communication with the client to gather information, thank them for submitting various items, or send notes for holidays easily.  A little bit of set up at the beginning allows you to let it run and do the work for you with these simple tasks.
  6. Manage Tasks.  CRM’s allow you to see at a glance the outstanding tasks, major deadlines, and big picture perspectives on what’s happening in your business.  Rather than feeling like you’ve got emails in one spot, notes in another, voicemails, and other documents in various places, you can know in one simple glance what’s happening with your customers and clients.
  7. Learn About Your Business & Sales Cycles.  One of the best things that a CRM can do for you is give you valuable insights into your business and sales’ cycles.  You can track key metrics to know for a fact things like close ratios, revenue, project completion rates, and more.  The possibilities are endless!  You become a smarter business owner when you know hard-facts about your business’ performance.
  8. Gather Data.  Data is the way of the future, and the fact of the matter is that businesses that aren’t utilizing data WILL be left behind in the coming years.  However, most small and mid-size businesses don’t gather data and simply don’t know where to start.  CRM’s help you gather the core data that you can start to use down the road.  Don’t know where to start?  A customized CRM could help you gather the unique data for your specific business!  And, they’re not out of range for a smaller business!
  9. Predict The Future.  Once you start to gather data on your business, you can start to measure trends.  CRM’s provide you valuable reports to help you view trends and be able to predict customer and staff behaviors.
  10. Grow Intelligently.  Any business that wants to grow in a smart way, needs to be using data.  Rather than guessing at what will work, you can KNOW that the decisions you’re making are good ones because they are based on facts, not just feelings.  CRM’s help you view and understand your business in a way that allows you to grow and scale efficiently and effectively, all supported by data!

Never Ever Ordinary has developed the best solution for growing businesses that need a CRM.  Energize CRM is completely customizable and can scale with any size business.  It’s attainable, yet versatile enough to scale and customize for a large enterprise.  We want businesses to be using data to their advantage, but for many, that means simply starting to gather data.  Energize CRM is the way to do just that!

If you want to find out more on how Energize CRM could benefit you or your business, talk to our team today!