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Is Your Company Powered By The Power of Data?

Business Analytics Help You Become Data-Driven

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Today, business owners have the ability to look with real-time information about how their business is performing, how it is trending, and how to play out possible outcomes of decisions…all with data.

With business analytics, you can quantify your business in a way that helps you make hyper-targeted decisions for growth and management.

It’s time to start doing something with your data.  Business analytics helps you leverage data and become truly data-driven.  


Stop Guessing & Start Growing!

  • Do You Know The Lifetime Value Of Your Clients?
  • Have You Hit A Revenue Ceiling?
  • Looking To Bring On An Associate?
  • Considering Expansion To A New Location?
  • Thinking About Cutting Your Hours?
  • Have You Ever Thought About Questions Like These And Asked Yourself,

“How Will This Decision Affect My Bottom Line?”


Data Without Action Has Very Little Value.

 Client Tier/Client Segmentation Reports

Have you ever been asked what your ideal client or patient is? You may have an idea in your mind, but is that “person” in  your mind actually the most ideal for your business goals?  We can quantify your clients and customers to help measure who is most important to your practice based on your goals.  We know it sounds strange to assign a number and label to individual people, but this process helps you KNOW for a fact who your ideal client/patient is.  There’s no more guessing.

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Lifetime Value Reports

How much revenue does a client bring to your business over the course of time?  How much does that client help you grow and scale?  We go beyond simply what revenue they bring to help you have a big picture perspective on the lifetime value of that type of client.  Our proprietary methods help you quantify the value that one individual brings to your business over their time with your business.  You then understand very clearly who are most valuable to your business and who aren’t as valuable.

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Demographic Reports

Geographic information plays a huge part in businesses, from brick and mortar locations to online businesses.  Understanding how geographic information and trends overlay with your own businesses data, you can make smart decisions in hiring, growth, marketing, and more.  And when you can have reports that stay up-to-date and real-time with our Data In Motion Dashboards, your business always stays relevant and cutting edge.

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Data Enrichment

It’s a magical combination when you can combine internal data alongside external data!  You can understand your own business in relationship to what’s happening out in the real world.  Data enrichment services offer you some of the best pictures of your sales environment possible today!

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Data Cleanup/Data Quality

One of the biggest hurdles for businesses to get over is inconsistent and incompatible data.  The first step includes cleaning up the data to talk to each other and integrate so that the data can tell a meaningful story. Our team provides expert data cleanup services and consultations.

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Customized Solutions

Talk to our team about your specific pain point and we’ll craft a customized plan of attack to use the data available within your business and externally to help relieve that pain point and set you on a path for success.  And hey, if data isn’t the right answer for your pain point, we’ll tell you where we think you should look.  That’s just how we do business.

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What Does This Mean For You?

As a business owner, you can move beyond assumptions to make concrete decisions for your business growth.  You can answer questions about business growth confidently, knowing that the data of your own organization, as well as the external trends of your community and industry back that decision up.

  • Hire Associates and Staff With Confidence.
  • Add Or Move To A New Location With Confidence.
  • Spend Your Marketing Budget Strategically And With Confidence.
  • Change Your Office Hours or Staffing Load With Confidence.
  • Grow Your Business With Confidence.  

It’s Time To Stop Guessing At What Will Work In Your Business & Start Growing!