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Client Tier Analysis Reports

Stop Guessing & Start Growing!

Do You Know The Lifetime Value Of Your Clients?

Have You Hit A Revenue Ceiling?

Looking To Bring On An Associate?

Considering Expansion To A New Location?

Thinking About Cutting Your Hours?

Have You Ever Thought About Questions Like These And Asked Yourself,

“How Will This Decision Affect My Bottom Line?”

In the past, most businesses hire a business or practice consultant to come in, and they may look at their financials and a few KPI’s, but this hodgepodge of information is no longer good enough.  Today, business owners have the ability to look with real-time information about how their practice is performing, how it is trending, and how to play out possible outcomes of decisions…all with data.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our process works to seamlessly collect and translate your information from various systems to make meaningful reports.

It may sound cold, but we can use data to put a value to each of your clients, customers, or patients.  Of course, there’s always an emotional factor, but doing this allows you to know who you enjoy working with the best, and who brings the best monetary return for your business.

Our team of data scientists, analysts, financial experts, and marketing experts have come together to build up this tool and are here to help you understand what you’re seeing.  Then, you can use that data to improve business in a practical way.

We make it simple for you to see your information. Access to our online dashboard allows you to go in anytime and see for that day and moment, how your business is doing.  You can regularly check in to see how you are meeting your goals and how you’re trending.

Big Data For Business Owners

We’ve developed a customized approach to using the data that your business already has, alongside real-time externals data (demographics, geographic, industry trends, etc.) to help give you a big-picture-to-micro-view understanding.  You can see what’s going on in your business, what’s been going on historically, and what your business might look like if you adjusted a few key variables.

Data Analytics Experts Denver CO

What Does This Mean For You?

As a business owner, you can answer questions about business growth confidently, knowing that the data of your own organization, as well as the external trends of your community and industry back that decision up.

  • Hire Associates and Staff With Confidence.
  • Add Or Move To A New Location With Confidence.
  • Spend Your Marketing Budget Strategically And With Confidence.
  • Change Your Office Hours or Staffing Load With Confidence.
  • Grow Your Business With Confidence.  

It’s Time To Stop Guessing At What Will Work In Your Dental Practice & Start Growing!