Measure Your Business Growth Potential

The ISAAC Scale was designed to help businesses understand how effective they are in implementing systems and automation to harness the power of data.  Data is the future of business and there ARE steps you can do now (regardless of where you score on the ISAAC) to start utilizing data.

Where Do You Fall On The ISAAC Scale?

Now What?

The ISAAC Scale is designed to help you know where you’re starting from.  Whether you’re closer to the start of the scale, or you’re closer to the top, there are always things we can do to harness the power of smart data for our business.


A Good Place To Start:

Looking for something a little more custom? NEO offers a wide variety of custom business intelligence solutions and innovative development services that can meet specific needs for automation, analytics, insights, benchmarking, and more.

Just starting your journey toward data-driven business? We have a ton of resources available with our NEO articles, videos, Ebooks, and more.  This is a great place to start learning.