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Fortune Magazine Calls Data The New Oil…

But What Does Data Actually Mean For Your Life & Business?

  • Do you understand the full impact of the business decisions you make?
  • Do you actually know your clients as well as you think you do?
  • Do you want to learn how to implement cutting-edge new technologies?
  • Do you want to actually work smarter, not harder with the help of data and smarter technology?

If you answered “yes” to one or all of these questions then this book was written for you.

Take Me To The Book

Our world is moving at speeds that make our heads spin and what was once just a dream or a movie set is now reality.  Data is influencing how the world and businesses engage with consumers. Data is also changing how everyday people experience the world.  We are gathering more data than ever before, which means that businesses need to change and adapt.

This book is designed to help you understand how data is evolving the world we live in and how your business can use data to get ahead.

If you’ve been hearing about things like Big Data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, to name a few, and want to know how to use these new strategies to work smarter and plan for a successful future, this book is for YOU.

Coming Soon! Print Version Available Soon

Praise For Business Intelligence Expert Jesse Morris

Valerie M

/ Tintero Creative

I learned so much from this book about how data can be used to connect the dots between what we're doing in social media marketing and how to help give not only our business, but our clients as well, a leg up moving forward. Jesse lays out the key technologies that are emerging today in a way that is digestible, but also helps show you how you can use it too.

Peter B.

The author gives great reasons for having a better understanding of data and technology and how that will directly impact your business in the future. If you are not looking at it, you will be left behind. Use this has a primer to get you started in the right direction.

Joyce F

As someone not typically drawn to books of this type, I was delighted that I was able to track on the ideas, facts and predictions shared in the book without feeling lost or overwhelmed. I especially recommend that small business owners read and re-read this book. The part I liked the best was toward the end called "How do we get started?" It did a good job of tying the basic ideas in the book with practical actions that a person or entity can implement.

Laura H

This book opened my eyes to the power of data. The current application of data and its effect on our world is evident throughout the many examples discussed in this book. The potential impact that data can have on the future is astounding, and this book gives a glimpse into how radically different the future may be forged through the incorporation of data and its power into our everyday workings. As a consumer, I was shocked to learn the quantity and variety of data that is being collected as I go about my everyday activities and interactions. This book makes the case to both individuals and businesses alike to be aware of data collection, analysis, its influence in our society today, and its potential to impact the future.

Lane K

This book is very informative about how businesses use many facets of data. It's amazing that so much data is collected on every one of us. Through using data, businesses can know their customer's needs. Businesses can also maximize their employees talents and time while letting technology can manage menial tasks. Jesse Morris' book has good info about technology shaping our future. I would definitely recommend this book.