Business Intelligence Firm (Denver CO) Poised To Improve The Healthcare Industry

Business Intelligence Firm (Denver CO)Jesse Morris founded Never Ever Ordinary, a business intelligence and data analytics firm based in Denver, Colorado.  Morris has an extensive history working in both statistical modeling and finance.  He understands the power of numbers and the ever-growing power that data can provide business owners, especially those in healthcare.  He knows that every practice is unique, and anything but ordinary!

Morris has worked heavily with dentists, veterinarians, and other private healthcare practice owners in his time in the finance industry.  Time and time again, he saw practice owners making poor decisions because they didn’t have all of the facts.  However, a closer look into the industry and information available led Jesse Morris to realize that practice owners CAN make wise decisions for the benefit of their practice.  The information is there, but few know how to make that information make sense.

Never Ever Ordinary exists to use intentional data to promote intelligent growth models for its clients.  “We’re here to help practice owners put together the pieces and see the big picture,”  Morris explains.  Most practice owners know a small part of what is actually going on in their practice and how to improve upon it, but they don’t see the whole picture. NEO provides clarity and insight into the current state of the practice, and highlights opportunities for efficiency and growth. Practice owners can then make educated, data-driven decisions.

Morris and his team work closely with practice owners, office managers, and the entire staff to gather the necessary data.  They also research real-time community data to help understand the practice data in light of their surroundings.  The internal and external data that is gathered is pulled together in a meaningful way to make correlations and observations.  NEO team members will make observations based on benchmarked data and industry trends, but also guide the practice owner to make their own conclusions as well.  “We’re here to guide the doctors to interpret the data and truly understand it for themselves.”

NEO also provides benchmarking and insights for the dental community.  Doctors can learn how their practice stacks up and compares to similar practices.  Strengths, weaknesses, holes, and opportunities can all be understood by looking at not only your own practice, but what is happening in the industry.  This is a great opportunity for businesses that serve the healthcare industries, as well as the associations and schools, to learn what dentists and doctors experience and what they need.

The goal of the reports is to help make the dental industry and other private healthcare practices run more efficiently and effectively.  Morris knows that data is the direction of any business’ future, but he also knows that data-overload can feel overwhelming and confusing.  NEO’s goal is to simplify the information into simple data stories and allow practice owners to work smarter not harder as they grow their practice.  NEO quantifies success and lays out plans to move forward.

Never Ever Ordinary is based in Denver, Colorado, but serves clients throughout the United States and even internationally.  To learn more about these innovative reports, contact Jesse Morris at the contact information provided below.

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