Data Warehousing

Leaders In Database Architecture

  • Are you looking for database architecture solutions?
  • Do you need to centralize your data in one cohesive system?
  • Would you like all of your technologies to communicate and integrate together?

While a solution for these questions sometimes seems daunting, creating a database architecture solution for a business is not as overwhelming as you may think.  You just need the right team of experts on your side.

We are one of the leading experts in database architecture and custom database solutions.  You may hear us say a lot that we are all about helping companies become data-driven companies and that starts with your database.  But you can’t effectively use data if your databases are not centralized and organized properly.

Work With The Leaders In Database Architecture

  • Consultative approach to database architecture
  • Predefined scope and goals with clear expectations
  • Seamless workflow process designed for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Insights into your data to help you be prepared for any future challenges, opportunities, quality issues, and more. 


Leaders In Database Architecture

What does it look like to work with Never Ever Ordinary on a database architecture project?

If you’ve considered a database organization project of any kind, you start to realize that every project is unique.  There are thousands of different technologies and various strategies that may have been in place over the years.  Getting them organized and talking to each other in a meaningful way is going to be unique for each client.

Consultative Approach

Because every situation is unique, we take a consultative approach to truly understand what sources of data currently exist within your organization.  We look at what technologies and systems you are using first.  We also dive into the current methods available for obtaining that data within your organization.  We want to understand your current data setup as much as possible!

Set Goals

We spend a lot of time working with you to understand exactly what you’re going to need to do with the data you already have, as well as any data you hope to be able to gather.  We talk to all sorts of key players within your organization to understand any possible future needs to help you meet your goals.

Get To Work

Once we have a clear understanding of the current system and future goals, we work on gathering your data and organizing your data.  Our team of database architects and warehousing experts will make recommendations on the most efficient way to structure a solution for your company.

We work with:

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • noSQL
  • NEO4J
  • Big Data Solutions (ie Hadoop)
  • and more

Use The Data

With any database architecture solution or database warehousing solution we create, Never Ever Ordinary will provide you basic information to make sure you know how to access and gather the data you need from your system.  We also provide optional self-service BI solutions for clients that want an even simpler way to see what’s going on with their information.

Monitor and Update

Technologies are changing constantly and we’re only seeing the beginning of what big data can do.  Clients that want help with monitoring and updates to the system to make sure your database is staying current and relevant can work with our team for regular support.