Data-Driven Dental Practices

Data Analytics For Dentists

At NEO, we provide data analytics for dentists to help you move beyond assumptions to instead concrete decisions.  We look at how your practice is performing currently based on YOUR practice reports, YOUR financial records, and YOUR goals.  We also look at key factors affecting your practice regarding local demographics, patient behavior, financial climate, and more.  We’ve combined the power of real-time data with our expertise in analytics, finance, and business intelligence to give you a comprehensive product that gives you tangible information.

Analytics Are Ideal For Dentists Who:

  • Want to start off on the right foot with their new practice
  • Are looking to purchase an existing practice
  • Want to Grow and Scale Their Practice Effectively

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of us, right?  Or perhaps, you can see some of the pieces, but don’t know what to do about them.  At Never Ever Ordinary, we pull together the big picture through gathering data, understanding challenges, and defining goals.  We then give you advice based on these reports to help you develop a plan and implement strategies.  We provide an overall sense of clarity to help you understand what is happening on a day-to-day basis in your own dental practice and how that affects your long-term goals.

Data-Driven Practices
We believe that data allows practice owners the ability to be successful.  When you know clearly how your practice is operating compared to where you want to be operating, you can make smarter decisions on staff hires, marketing dollars, financial strategies, and more.  We take the guesswork out of running your dental practice with the power of your own data!

Our reports give you a clear picture of where your practice has been in the past, where you are now, and help you
make decisions to get you where you want your practice to be.  We also have the power to provide benchmarking reports that compare your practice’s status and growth with other practices around the country.