Business Intelligence

Empower your business.  Differentiate your brand.

Business Intelligence For Dental PracticesBusiness Intelligence (BI) involves extracting and combining complex data and breaks it into bite-size pieces of information that you can digest and understand.  By using BI, our goal is to find relevance in your practice’s specific information, allowing you to work smarter, not harder to grow your practice.

In traditional business settings, most practice owners work on compiling information and minimal time, if any, analyzing that information.  Not only that, many practice owners don’t look at ALL of the relevant information, so they are only getting a glimpse of what is going on in their practice.  Analyzing information is really where your energy should be spent, because that is what really energizes practice owners and this is where decisions are actually made.

We Look at:

  • Patient Behavior
  • Accounting Records
  • Performance Data
  • Practice Data
  • Inventory Logs
  • Insurance Data
  • & More.

The End Goal.

The end goal for any of our clients is to make good decisions as often as possible, thus avoiding costly bad decisions.  We believe in evidence-based decision making, and data allows dentists to do just that.  Data gives you the evidence and takes the guesswork out of building your dental practice.  You can make confident decisions, knowing that those decisions are based on real-time, relevant information.  Business intelligence allows you do this.

Business Data Analytics Company Serving Growing Startups & Practices.

Business Intelligence For All

You may be thinking, “Data scares me.”

Don’t worry!  We love data and details; that’s what gets us up in the mornings!  We’re here to help you sort through your practice’s data from collection, to analysis, to decision making.  We’ll work with your team to collect the necessary information and then put together reports that you can understand clearly.  We’ll also provide our insights and observations based on our expertise in business intelligence, finance, and business consulting.